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The Big Trip started life with a single clear focus: reclaim the authentic experience of adventure travel without the mediating influence of a TV crew...  The answer was to find real people who would be a) willing and b) able to tell their own stories using small-format cameras.
I posted on bulletin boards and scoured the internet, chat rooms and travellers' forums to recruit four very different groups of people with big agendas.  I trained them to use the latest generation of DV cameras and together we hammered out protocols on how to use the camera to tell their stories.  The journeys they made lasted between one month and over a year.  When they returned, we worked together to create a series of popular one-hour documentaries with the rushes they brought home.
The results were extraordinary; they embraced the weird, the wonderful, the frightening, the bizarre.  The Big Trip was one of the most creatively rewarding projects I’ve undertaken.

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