The Journey is the world’s first Holocaust education project for children of primary school age.  It was planned as an immersive learning experience in which children could follow the story of fictional Holocaust survivor Leo Stein, a Jewish child in Nazi Germany.  
It combines period artefacts, the testimony of living survivors of the Nazi era and archive film to give young children today a real sense of the impact of the Holocaust on those who lived through it.
Working within strict time and budgetary constraints, I designed and scripted nine AV sequences that would be screened in a series of period roomsets and bring Leo’s story vividly to life using child actors and archive film from the 1930s.  The commission involved full-scale studio and location shoots, the creation of distinctive shooting styles to match the ambience of the exhibition spaces and sourcing of period props and costumes.  It also involved technically-complex production for bespoke, super-widescreen presentation formats.

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